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David A. Robertson shares his favourite Winnipeg cultural spots

The Governor General's Award-winning Indigenous author talks up Winnipeg's best and brightest local arts and culture

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Inside the mind of Canadian radio’s most important executive

A one-on-one conversation with Susan Marjetti, CBC's executive director of Radio and Audio

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An animated chat with Ken Cuperus, creator of YTV’s ‘The Stanley Dynamic’

The Winnipeg-born writer-producer shares the secrets behind his hit live-action/animated kid sitcom

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Facebook employees now get 20 days to mourn, extended family benefits

Canadians get a minimum of three days bereavement leave, which may be unpaid depending on your province of residence

CBC Radio’s long-running ‘Definitely Not the Opera’ to end on May 14

After 22 years on the air, CBC Radio’s Saturday afternoon radio show Definitely Not the Opera (or DNTO for short) is airing its final episode on May 14. Launched on September 10, 1994, DNTO started as a pop culture magazine show, but evolved into a platform for personal storytelling on a variety of subjects. The […]


CBC funding restored in new Liberal budget, $675 million over five years

After years of cutbacks, the CBC is getting a financial boost to "modernize and revitalize CBC/Radio Canada in the digital era."

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Popular TV anchor Janet Stewart moves from CTV to host CBC Winnipeg newscast

"I needed a change, I needed room to grow," Stewart says

All eyes on Shirley

There may be four members in the rock band Garbage, but away from the studio, on stage, Garbage truly becomes the Shirley Manson show. The opinionated, red-headed lead singer was in top form and feeling talkative during Garbage’s debut concert in Winnipeg, playing in front of a crowd of about 900 at the hot and […]

Life after ‘Disclosure’

The once promising CBC newsmagazine 'Disclosure' was cancelled this year due to perpetual low-ratings. We wondered, now that the dust has settled, where did its cast of award-winning journalists end up?

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CTV’s Janet Stewart thrives in the wilds of Winnipeg

One of Canada’s best TV anchors lives outside of the centre of the media universe and loves every minute of it

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Full Disclosure

Exclusive: Wendy Mesley and Diana Swain discuss their highly anticipated CBC newsmagazine, 'Disclosure'