Album Review: Robyn, ‘Robyn’

Album Review: Robyn, ‘Robyn’

Released on Konichiwa/Island Records, April 29, 2008.

Now that Swedish pop star Robyn has hit number one in the UK with her single “With Every Heartbeat,” it’s now officially safe to profess admiration for her.

Yes, it’s the same Robyn who had two international pop hits with “Show Me Love” and “Do You Know (What it Takes)” in 1997.

If you’re reacting with a scoff because of her one-album wonder status in North America, you’ll stop once you hear Robyn. Originally released in 2005, but just released to the UK market, Robyn is a mix of chorus-driven pop, interjected with knowingly-bad pop-rap, and stiff hip-hop/dance beats.

There are killer singles here, including the aforementioned “Heartbeat,” “Be Mine!,” “Handle Me,” and “Crash and Burn Girl.” Commercial potential aside, Robyn is utterly original, sometimes laugh-at-loud funny, and very, very good. Get on the bandwagon now, you’re missing out.