Love and Other Dilemmas

Love and Other Dilemmas

Love and Other Dilemmas could cause audiences to walk away with a toothache.

IT'LL HAPPEN: Gabrielle Miller and Fred Ewanuick in a scene from Love and Other Dilemmas (Photo courtesy Maple Pictures)Love and Other Dilemmas could cause audiences to walk away with a toothache.

The romantic comedy is more like a dysfunctional fairy tale, complete with a curse, death, birth, resurrection and happily ever after.

Ginger’s grandmother cursed all the future generations of women in her family — unless they can “properly” wed the father of their unborn child before its birth, he will become half-dead and her daughter will carry the curse forward. Ginger (Gabrielle Miller) is determined to break the curse and her fiancé, Henry, (Stephen Lobo) is dedicated to helping her do so. However, the forces of the universe are not going to make it easy for the expecting parents; robbery, gambling, death and major miscommunications plague their special day.

The story and its characters are very sweet and, as in any good romance, the power of love triumphs despite the numerous obstacles encountered.

Miller was the perfect choice to play Ginger as she brings just the right balance of feistiness, desperation, vulnerability and sweetness to her character. As for the groom, even when Henry is doing something wrong or stupid, Lobo can simply cast a playful smile at the camera and his character is forgiven. Furthermore, one of television’s much-loved nuisances, Fred Ewanuick (Corner Gas), plays one of the bungling burglars and possible groomsmen.

Not only are cast members well-suited to their roles, they are also composed of an array of recognizable Canadian talent from such home-grown television shows as Robson Arms, Corner Gas and Godiva’s. Viewers may also recognize some of the attention-stealing scenery as the film was shot on location in Vancouver.

Giggles are had as the curse continuously rears its ugly head via various near-fatal attempts on Henry’s life or anyone else trying to sabotage the couple’s wedded bliss. In addition, the reoccurring presence of the floral armchair that started it all is a cute, if not clever, sight gag.

Love and Other Dilemmas is fun fluff; great for those Sunday afternoons when all you want is a nice, clean, uncomplicated laugh.

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