The Golden Globes carry on

The Golden Globes carry on

A subdued, Writers' strike-affected ceremony causes award show ratings to plunge by 75 percent

The lavish ceremony was cancelled but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association persevered, still announcing the award winners via the NBC Golden Globe “Winners’ Special,” a live-telecast from the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The subdued show was hosted by Nancy O’Dell and Billy Bush, whose comments on winners and losers were inane and unsolicited.

[Ed. note: The U.S. ratings reflected that, too, with 5.8 million tuning in to the bare-bones broadcast — just a quarter of the award show’s typical average audience]

With most networks only now running out of new material to air, this was the first major effect of the Writers Guild’s strike to really hit viewers at home. And it sucked. It just was not the same without the glitz and glamour of red carpets and star power; the sappy, long, emotional acceptance speeches; and the shots of graceful losers applauding. The thought of the Oscars suffering the same fate is unbearable.

Nonetheless, despite the anti-climactic reveals, there were some clear winners and some surprise losers (ahem… Juno going 0 for 3):